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Have a life-time experience at lake Baikal, the world's biggest fresh-water lake. Adventure in the middle of Siberia, less than a day drive to motherland of Chinggis Khan, it can expand the collection of your incredible memories.

Goal of our tour operator is to provide our clients with safe, responsible and enjoyable activities. Our trips are designed to have a deep insight of local culture and best spectacular natural views.

World's biggest lake... Always between cool and cold. It's simply beautiful... And we have fun when we tour around there.

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Why choosing our company?

BaikalTour.net is a part of group of companies by Denis Sobnakov, Lonely Planet recommended operator. Experienced providing services not only for the best international tour operators like Intrepid Travel, G Adventures, GeoTours Israel, Monkey Shrine, Trans-Siberian holidays, but of course for our lovely individual travelers.

We are a team of young local people from lake Baikal area - Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk. We share one passion to travel and we're obsessed with the beauty of our homeland. We want to show lake Baikal with its best views, best food, warm hospitality and local culture.

Our company acts socially and environmentally responsible to sustain nature, life and culture. We have been already working with tourists from around the globe since 2006. Sustainability and responsibility are our company's keywords.

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Listvyanka day tour
Sun, 4 November 2018

Listvyanka day tour

Spend just one day visiting Listvyanka village and cover your lake Baikal experience. The easiest…

Ust-Barguzin in winter
Sun, 4 November 2018

Ust-Barguzin in winter

An epic trip to Ust-Barguzin is one of the most asked trips. The lake completely…

Ultimate package
Sat, 26 November 2016

Ultimate package

This tours will give you the best and cover-it-all experience. Both include crossing the lake…

Eastern Baikal in summer
Thu, 12 March 2015

Eastern Baikal in summer

Starting from Ulan-Ude: Ust-Barguzin village, Holy Nose peninsula, Barguzin valley, Ushkanie islands with its Seal…

Western Baikal in Summer
Thu, 12 March 2015

Western Baikal in Summer

Starting from Irkutsk: Listvyanka village, Krestovka Bay, famous Olkhon island. Experience local life and enjoy…

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BaikalTour.net is a daughter company of UUhostel.com and is run by Denis Sobnakov

We're Lonely Planet's best guides in the area.


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