Baikal Tours


Ultimate package

This tours will give you the best and cover-it-all experience. Not satisfied with choosing one tour out of many? Take it all!
Tours include crossing the lake by car on ice or by boat in summer and having everything that this area has to offer. For those looking for a challenge, trek across the lake with overnight in tent on the ice.…

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Eastern Baikal in summer

Summer at Eastern part of lake Baikal. It’s less popular with tourists, off-the-beaten-track and more challenging. Ust-Barguzin village, Holy Nose peninsula, Barguzin valley, Ushkanie islands with its Seal rocks. Russian, Buryat and Old Believers cultures are the bright side of your cultural insight.…

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Western Baikal in Summer

When you hear about lake Baikal you most likely to hear about Western Part. Irkutsk city, Listvyanka village and, of course, famous Olkhon island. Experience local life and enjoy iconic panoramas and vistas of the biggest fresh water lake in the world. …

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Western Baikal in Winter

Gorgeous experience in Siberia as it’s imagined by everyone. Cold and cool, but glittering and sparkling. Walk on the ice of Olkhon island, touch the snow in Listvyanka village. Get warmer in local houses, get to understand how the local people survive the winter. …

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Ice crumbles into sapphires

Eastern Baikal in winter

Are you looking for off-the-beaten-track places? Less tourists, wilder, more untouched nature? Take a tour to Ust-Barguzin, Holy Nose peninsula, Barguzin valley. Have an amazing Snow-and-Ice experience.…

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Circum Baikal railway still runs an old Steam engine

Southern Baikal

Cover Southern part of lake Baikal to have a different experience like Circum-Baikal railway and Arshan mountain resort. Both different but picturesque destinations you will find interesting to explore. …

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