Circum Baikal railway still runs an old Steam engine

Southern Baikal

Circum Baikal railway still runs an old Steam engine

Cover Southern part of lake Baikal to have a different experience like Circum-Baikal railway and Arshan mountain resort. Both different but picturesque destinations you will find interesting to explore.

Index of tours:

1.Circum-Baikal on Steam Engine 


Heard about a real Steam engine on Circum-Baikal railway? This is it! Sign up for this awesome day tour. You will do a loop enjoying the best of the views.
Choose to experience a very interesting part of lake Baikal. Built in the beginning of the 20th century with tremendous use of manlabour, this railway is now not used as the main route of Trans-Siberian track. It’s a quite and picturesque dead-end line. The train makes a few stops to walk around and enjoy the views and the engine itself. Ferry and bus will deliver you back to Irkutsk.

Season: May-October
Physical rating:
Mostly sitting in the train. Stops for short walking.
Duration: Full day
Temperature: from 15 to 30 Celsius.
Can be both Cold & Windy at night and Hot and Sweaty in daytime. AC on train.
Service level: Train.


Wednesday and Saturday
Start at Irkutsk Train station at 8am. You have to embark on train by yourself.
Thursday and Sunday
Start at Okhlopkov Drama Theater at Karla Marksa street, 14 at 8am. The guide will meet you and direct you to the bus which followed by a ferry brings you to Port Baikal, the beginning point of the train journey.

The tour ends at about 9pm or 10pm in Irkutsk. If you demand you can disembark in Slyudanka town or Listvyanka village.

What’s included

  • Train ticket
  • Transfer to/from Irkutsk
Bus, train
Prices per person:
4800 roubles per ticket.

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  1. Hi,

    I want to book the circum baikal railway during the 1st week of June-17.

    I want to book the route from Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Port Baikal – Sludyanka – Irkutsk.

    I am NOT interested in the other route – Irkutsk-Sludyanka port Baikal Irkutsk

    Can you please tell me from 1st June onwards, on which days of the week does this route occurs. Is it Thursday, Saturday and Sunday?

    Also please tell me on which day will the locomotive and the electric train run?

    Thanks and regards,

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